One way to lower your home’s cooling bill is to lower the temperature in the attic. When the sun beats down on your roof, your attic can heat up to 150 degrees, or more. This heat can seep down into your living space and heat up your house. As a result, your air conditioner has to work overtime to keep you cool. This can dramatically increase your energy bills and add to the wear and tear on your air conditioner, leading to frequent breakdowns or premature failure.

Solar Attic Fans can save you money!
Solar Attic Fans can save you money!

Attic Fan Removes Attic Heat and Moisture
Among the least expensive and most cost-effective ways to reduce your attic temperature is by installing an attic fan, which pulls the hot air from the attic and draws it outside. Traditional attic fans are powered by your home’s electric system – so while you’re reducing electricity consumption by cooling your attic, you’re consuming additional electricity to power the fan. But, now there’s a better way…

Solar Attic Fans are Free to use!
Solar Attic Fans are Free to use!

Solar Attic Fan is Free to Operate
By using a solar-powered attic fan, you have the advantage of cooling your attic while using the sun to power the fan. So you save electricity without having to use electricity. Solar-powered attic fans run faster when the sun is shining brightest and producing the most heat, and slow down when the sun’s rays aren’t shinning as brightly, and producing less heat.

The benefits of solar attic fans are measurable!
The benefits of solar attic fans are measurable!

Benefits of Solar Attic Fans
While saving money and being more comfortable in your home are important benefits, consider all the benefits of solar attic fans:
* Save money on air conditioning costs
* Make your house more comfortable
* Extend the life of your roof
* Prevent mold growth and fungal decay
* Reduce the chance of ice dams
* Extend life of a/c equipment and reduce the chance of breakdowns
* Free to operate
* Pays for itself in approx. 2 years with energy savings

If you’re interested in keeping your home cooler in the summer while reducing your energy bills, a solar-powered attic fan is the answer. They’re affordable, effective and time proven.

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