RESNET and the NAHB Research Center have teamed up to promote the 2012 EnergyValue Housing Award (EVHA) competition through RESNET Raters. One lucky Rater will win their 2012 RESNET dues paid!
Have you tested and verified highly energy efficient homes built or remodeled after January, 31, 2009?
Could the builders/remodelers of those homes benefit from winning a national award recognizing their accomplishments?
Would you like to have a chance to win your 2012 RESNET Dues paid?
Suggest to your clients that they enter the 2012 EnergyValue Housing Award (EVHA) New or Existing Homes Division and make sure they answer the question “where did you hear about the EVHA?” on the General Information form with your name. All RESNET Raters names received will be entered in a random drawing to be held after the July 29, 2011 EVHA entry deadline.
The winning rater will receive notice that their 2012 RESNET dues are “paid”. There is no cash prize for this promotion.
Drawing rules and more information about the EVHA at:
NOTE: there will be a separate drawing for NGBS Verifiers.