You’ve finally made the right decision, you want to have a home energy audit of your home done. Your goal is to save on energy costs, to consume less energy and to ensure your home is performing as energy-efficient as possible. Now what do you do? Where do you turn? How do you go about having a home energy assessment of your home? Fortunately, the Home Energy Team (HET) is here to help.

In existence entirely to help America become more energy-efficient, one home energy audit at a time, HET not only offers you services such as the one that can land you a home energy auditor, but we have other resources on the site to help you and your family save on energy costs and to learn about energy-saving products.

Using the HET Find My Local Energy Auditor service, you can select your state of residence, the city and zip code, and simply fill in your information. It’s that simple. Then, a certified home energy audit professional will get in touch with you. You can also be more proactive and click on the Schedule an Energy Audit link to help with the process.

In the meantime, as you wait for your auditor to come to your home, check out the HET energy-saving product information. There are a ton of Energy Star approved products that can help save on your energy bills.

We are a reliable and crucial resource for homeowners looking to save energy and help save the planet. Why not take advantage and use the resources for yourself?

Want ways to save on energy costs around the house? Check this video out:

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