If you are thinking about starting a home energy audit business, here’s what you need to know…

Now is a great time to start a home energy audit business.  With all the talk in the news about energy efficiency, with the US Government offering tax credits for energy efficient upgrades, and proposing to get America back to work with its $23 billion Home Star (aka “Cash for Caulkers”) program, the opportunity is waiting for you.

Home Energy Audits Required for Many Tax Incentives and Rebates

In the proposed Cash for Caulkers program, many of the tax incentives offered to consumers will require that they get a home energy audit both before and after their home improvements, in order to measure the amount of energy savings.  Energy efficiency must increase by specified amounts in order to qualify for tax incentives and rebates, and energy audits are used to measure energy efficiency.  So you can see that the demand for home energy audits will skyrocket.  Set up your home energy audit business now, and you will be ready for the surge in demand.

Home Energy Audit Business Requires Equipment

To run a home energy audit business, you will need some equipment.  You will need a blower door (which de-pressurizes a home in order to find air leaks), a duct tester (to find air leaks in ductwork), a combustion safety package, and an infrared camera/thermal imager, which allows you to locate areas where insulation is insufficient.  All together, this equipment will cost around $10,000.  You may be able to lease the equipment, which will help with cash flow when you first start your home energy audit business.

Home Energy Audit Training

Your home energy audit business will need to employ certified home energy auditors – or you may want to become a home energy auditor yourself.  To do so, you must take the required training and get certified by either RESNET or BPI, the two certification bodies recognized by the US government.  To become a certified home energy auditor, you must pass the certification examinations offered by various training providers.

Home Energy Team Institute offers energy auditor training for both BPI and RESNET certification, so you are covered for all occasions.  See the energy auditor course schedule.

Home Energy Audit Business Systems

To run a home energy audit business, you will need to know how the energy audit industry works, and you will need to have the business systems in place to run your business.  If you do not have either of these, do not despair.  Home Energy Team has done all the work for you.  For a territory fee of just a few hundred dollars per month, you can be in business tomorrow, with a website, pre-designed marketing materials, a business plan, and support from Home Energy Team executives to help you launch your business for the first 90 days.  You will also have support from other territory owners, who meet regularly to discuss business strategies.

Home Energy Team is a ready-made home energy audit business in an industry that is set to explode.

Watch this video for more information.If you are serious about starting a home energy audit business – or if you have a few questions – feel free to call Home Energy Team at 1-800-518-1877.