When trying to find ways to save on the monthly energy bill, people tend to look at the obvious ways to save: switching to energy efficient light bulbs, buying energy efficient appliances, or adding insulation to homes in cold climates. But there is one great way to save energy that many people overlook- trading in old window dressings for energy efficient curtains.

Saving Big With Energy Efficient Curtains

According to most estimates, 25 – 35 percent of a home’s heat passes through the windows. This means that if it’s a cold day outside, a huge chunk of your indoor heating is simply lost through the windows. Similarly, if it’s a hot day outside, those windows could be letting in a lot of unwanted heat. This makes your air conditioning work overtime to keep the inside of your house cool, costing you tons of money in extra cooling costs.

Switch to Energy Efficient Curtains

By turning in those old curtains for specially-made energy efficient curtains, you could reduce the amount of heat loss from your home during the winter months by up to 25%. And if it’s hot outside, simply make sure the curtains are closed to keep out all of that extra unwanted sunlight that’s hurting your wallet. Simple changes like this around your home could save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs!

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