Even though the parents are usually footing the energy bill, there are lots of ways that kids can help conserve energy, help the environment, and save mom and dad a few bucks along the way.  Here is a list of simple things that kids can do around the house that will make a huge difference in energy bill savings.

Energy Efficiency Checklist for Kids

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  2. Unplug any electronics when you’re not using them.  That includes cell phone chargers, toasters, , and even your XBOX!
  3. Next time a light bulb dies, replace it with an energy efficient fluorescent or LED bulb.
  4. When you’re done with the computer, be sure to turn it off.  Computers can drain tons of energy when left on, even in hibernation mode.
  5. If you’re not watching the TV or playing with your video game console, turn it off!  Leaving electronics on when you’re not using them is energy wasted!
  6. If it’s day time, open the curtains or drapes instead of turning on the lights.  Natural sunlight is good for your eyes and saves energy.
  7. Look for the Energy Star logo on your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and other big appliances to make sure they are energy efficient.  If you don’t see the logo, tell mom and dad it’s time to change!
  8. Is there a big crack in a window or does a door not shut right? Tell mom and dad they are wasting electricity!
  9. Is it really hot or cold outside?  Tell mom and dad to get a digital thermostat so they don’t waste energy when it’s not so hot and cold!
  10. And last but not least- go outside and play! Watching TV or playing video games is fun, but it’s even more fun to play outside with your friends spending your own energy!

For even more tips on how you can save energy around the house, check out the energy efficiency tips section on the Home Energy Team Site.  Also, you can download a PDF checklist of energy saving tips from energy.gov that even the moms and dads out there can follow!