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“Cash for Caulkers” is nearly here. Last month the House of Representatives passed H.R. 5019 – also known as the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010 or “Cash for Caulkers” – to kick-start construction, create jobs and cut back carbon emissions. While the bill still needs to clear the Senate, supporters predict it will [...]

It’s been a trying time for many contractors across America as the recession has put a number of them on the sidelines. While real estate foreclosures reached new highs across the country, renovations, energy efficiency and home improvements were the last thing on anyone’s mind. But there is a light at the end of the [...]

It’s getting close to that time where you need to find your local home energy auditor. Have you heard about the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act? In simpler terms, it’s called Cash For Caulkers. It follows the lines of it’s predecessor, Cash For Clunkers, which was a successful bill in 2009 that allowed owners of [...]

So, tax season is over and you think that’s the end of your tax credits and energy-saving rebates, right? Wrong. What many homeowners aren’t aware of, is that your 2010 returns will also let you make energy-efficient renovations and earn energy tax credits. But it all starts with getting a home energy audit. You’ve heard [...]

Earth day has come and gone. While it’s an important day every year, it took on extra meaning in the United States this year because of energy efficiency measures and programs being implemented. Programs like the Retrofit Ramp-Up and Home Star (also known as Cash for Caulkers) are really justifying homeowners getting home energy audits done. With [...]

In case you didn’t know, today is Earth Day, meaning yesterday was the perfect time for Vice-President Joe Biden to have announced the $452 million Energy Retrofit Ramp-Up program. Basically, the funding will be going to 25 communities across the country for the purposes of energy-saving home improvements. Similar to Home Star, the goal of the program [...]

Congressmen Dennis Cardoza and Peter Welch (among others), with the backing of Home Star Coalition, introduced the Home Star Retrofit Act last Thursday. This is a significant step for homeowners who are looking to get a home energy audit and increase their home’s energy efficiency. While there has been a voice vote and companion legislature in [...]

Home Star excitement builds While we still do not know when the Home Star Program will pass, or whether it will remain intact as President Obama presented it on March 2, Cash for Caulkers fever is gaining momentum. The energy-efficient program will create green jobs and lower America’s energy costs.  There’s no reason big news [...]

As the Home Star program makes its way through the Senate and becomes closer to becoming reality, there are many groups and organizations that are throwing their support behind the energy-efficient bill. If and when it’s passed, Home Star, or Cash for Caulkers as it’s affectionately known, will save energy and even fund measures such as [...]

Everyone is waiting to see what happens with the proposed Cash for Caulkers program, or Home Star as most people know it. It’s the proposed $6 billion program by President Obama to help make America more energy-efficient and create green jobs. As you know by now, the program’s meat and potatoes centers around the government giving [...]

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