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TALENTED TRADESPEOPLE TIRE NO MORE. In a series of articles published in Remodeling magazine, Mark Richardson, president of Case Design/Remodeling was interviewed about the challenges of attracting new talent into the building trades, which were facing an aging workforce and an overall shortage of qualified professionals, even as unemployment percentages began to climb. He said, [...]

Where are you investing your GREEN? While the residential new home market continues to struggle, new studies from the Joint Center for Housing Studies included some encouraging news regarding homeowner spending on Energy Tax Credit Projects and green retrofit projects. The data indicates that remodelers have repositioned themselves into niche markets to follow the consumers’ [...]

Now that the green movement is on in full force and we’ve all become conscious of how to make our homes more efficient, the change has started the race for big businesses who supply to our every demands. Well, now the demands are for more home energy efficient products and suppliers are on the move. [...]

If you were thinking about getting a home energy audit so that you can be more energy efficient around the house and save some money, now might be the best time to do it. As we all know, there is a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is costing roughly between 1000 [...]

Zero Energy Homes is one of the newest buzz terms in the green community – can you take a guess as to what it means? While it may be fairly self-explanatory, can homes nowadays in the United States really require zero energy to run and therefore help curtail our dependence on oil and gas? It [...]

If you’ve been looking at a home energy audit as a way to potentially save some money around the house, you’ve likely also done some research into which types of products can help you be more energy-efficient around the house. The brand name that frequently comes up is Energy Star as their products are time [...]

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May 24 , 2010 In: Home Energy Audits

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It’s been a trying time for many contractors across America as the recession has put a number of them on the sidelines. While real estate foreclosures reached new highs across the country, renovations, energy efficiency and home improvements were the last thing on anyone’s mind. But there is a light at the end of the [...]

Every now and then we learn something from the British. Whether it’s theater, soccer tricks or even the term ‘bloke’ – if you use it – we like to share their ideas. They’re on to a good one with home energy efficiency that hopefully is shared worldwide. The Department of Energy and Climate Change announced [...]

It’s getting close to that time where you need to find your local home energy auditor. Have you heard about the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act? In simpler terms, it’s called Cash For Caulkers. It follows the lines of it’s predecessor, Cash For Clunkers, which was a successful bill in 2009 that allowed owners of [...]

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