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“Cash for Caulkers” is nearly here. Last month the House of Representatives passed H.R. 5019 – also known as the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010 or “Cash for Caulkers” – to kick-start construction, create jobs and cut back carbon emissions. While the bill still needs to clear the Senate, supporters predict it will [...]

Zero Energy Homes is one of the newest buzz terms in the green community – can you take a guess as to what it means? While it may be fairly self-explanatory, can homes nowadays in the United States really require zero energy to run and therefore help curtail our dependence on oil and gas? It [...]

It’s getting close to that time where you need to find your local home energy auditor. Have you heard about the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act? In simpler terms, it’s called Cash For Caulkers. It follows the lines of it’s predecessor, Cash For Clunkers, which was a successful bill in 2009 that allowed owners of [...]

It`s time once again for the Home Energy Team to bang the home energy audit drum. With no end in sight to all of the energy efficiency programs and energy tax rebates put forth by the government, we’ve been educating homeowners on how the time is right to make energy-efficient home improvements. Now it’s time to [...]

So, tax season is over and you think that’s the end of your tax credits and energy-saving rebates, right? Wrong. What many homeowners aren’t aware of, is that your 2010 returns will also let you make energy-efficient renovations and earn energy tax credits. But it all starts with getting a home energy audit. You’ve heard [...]

Earth day has come and gone. While it’s an important day every year, it took on extra meaning in the United States this year because of energy efficiency measures and programs being implemented. Programs like the Retrofit Ramp-Up and Home Star (also known as Cash for Caulkers) are really justifying homeowners getting home energy audits done. With [...]

Last summer, my wife and I bought a home. Of course, like any good prospective homeowner, we hired a home inspector prior to the purchase of the property. The inspector was thorough, professional and helped us make an informed purchase decision. But, he wasn’t a substitute for a home energy auditor. A lot of people [...]

Home Energy-Saving Tips

April 8 , 2010 In: Energy Efficiency, Energy Tax Credits

The Home Energy Team has your back when it comes to improving home energy efficiency and helping you save on energy costs. We help you by giving you advice and information on everything from federal home energy tax credits to energy-saving products. But one of the sections on the site we’re most proud of is [...]

We’re all about energy saving and lowering your energy costs. We’re also about advocating for home energy audits and reducing your carbon footprint. But what really characterizes our website is our desire and ability to help the homeowner. That’s why we have an Ask Our Experts a Question section. Since President Obama took office, there’s [...]

So, you finally taken our advice and gone ahead with a home energy audit. Your home energy auditor has completed his assessment and has made his/her recommendations. As a homeowner, are you ready to take advantage of the energy tax incentives and undergo the necessary energy-efficient home renovations? As we’ve been educating our readers on [...]

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