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If you’ve been looking at a home energy audit as a way to potentially save some money around the house, you’ve likely also done some research into which types of products can help you be more energy-efficient around the house. The brand name that frequently comes up is Energy Star as their products are time [...]

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May 24 , 2010 In: energy star

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May 24 , 2010 In: energy star

Buspirone bene per l’ansia Gestanin è un progestinico ormone simile al progesterone.Come conseguenza viene aumentata la concentrazione di macrobid nel sangue ed il rischio di tossicità.Come qualsiasi altro integratore alimentare a base di erbe e ingredienti naturali, la garcinia cambogia andrebbe assunta dai 30 ai 60 minuti prima dei Buspirone bene per l’ansia pasti, due [...]

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You’ve finally made the right decision, you want to have a home energy audit of your home done. Your goal is to save on energy costs, to consume less energy and to ensure your home is performing as energy-efficient as possible. Now what do you do? Where do you turn? How do you go about [...]

If you’re like me, you’re always amazed at how high your energy bills are in non-peak season. It’ would be May and my energy costs would be higher than I anticipated. If this is the case in your home, chances are you need a home energy audit in order to become more energy-efficient and save [...]

It`s time once again for the Home Energy Team to bang the home energy audit drum. With no end in sight to all of the energy efficiency programs and energy tax rebates put forth by the government, we’ve been educating homeowners on how the time is right to make energy-efficient home improvements. Now it’s time to [...]

The temperatures today across the northeast are quite warm, a sign that winter is far behind us and summer is inching closer. It’s also a reminder that our energy costs for cooling are on average higher than they should be. The best way to solve this problem is with a home energy audit. An energy [...]

5 Energy-Saving Products

April 14 , 2010 In: Energy Efficiency, Energy Saving Products, energy star

You’re trying to be more energy-efficient and save on energy costs, but aren’t sure what can really help you raise your home’s energy efficiency? Fortunately, the Home Energy Team is here for you as always.  The following are key power-consuming products that should be Energy Star-approved in your home. Energy Star is the government stamp of approval in [...]

Last summer, my wife and I bought a home. Of course, like any good prospective homeowner, we hired a home inspector prior to the purchase of the property. The inspector was thorough, professional and helped us make an informed purchase decision. But, he wasn’t a substitute for a home energy auditor. A lot of people [...]

We’re all about energy saving and lowering your energy costs. We’re also about advocating for home energy audits and reducing your carbon footprint. But what really characterizes our website is our desire and ability to help the homeowner. That’s why we have an Ask Our Experts a Question section. Since President Obama took office, there’s [...]

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