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Where are you investing your GREEN? While the residential new home market continues to struggle, new studies from the Joint Center for Housing Studies included some encouraging news regarding homeowner spending on Energy Tax Credit Projects and green retrofit projects. The data indicates that remodelers have repositioned themselves into niche markets to follow the consumers’ [...]

HVAC RETROFITS IN YOUR FUTURE…HIRING THE RIGHT CONTRACTOR Good news from the 2011 RESNET conference in Orlando!   Much has already been accomplished within the energy efficiency and building performance industry associations to reach out and create partnerships with ‘single source’ trade associations in the interest of streamlining the selection process for residential consumers and business [...]

Now that the green movement is on in full force and we’ve all become conscious of how to make our homes more efficient, the change has started the race for big businesses who supply to our every demands. Well, now the demands are for more home energy efficient products and suppliers are on the move. [...]

If you’ve been looking at a home energy audit as a way to potentially save some money around the house, you’ve likely also done some research into which types of products can help you be more energy-efficient around the house. The brand name that frequently comes up is Energy Star as their products are time [...]

It’s been a trying time for many contractors across America as the recession has put a number of them on the sidelines. While real estate foreclosures reached new highs across the country, renovations, energy efficiency and home improvements were the last thing on anyone’s mind. But there is a light at the end of the [...]

You’ve finally made the right decision, you want to have a home energy audit of your home done. Your goal is to save on energy costs, to consume less energy and to ensure your home is performing as energy-efficient as possible. Now what do you do? Where do you turn? How do you go about [...]

It`s time once again for the Home Energy Team to bang the home energy audit drum. With no end in sight to all of the energy efficiency programs and energy tax rebates put forth by the government, we’ve been educating homeowners on how the time is right to make energy-efficient home improvements. Now it’s time to [...]

It’s spring, time for spring cleaning and improving the house in anticipation of another fun summer. If you live on the west coast, chances are spring doesn’t matter as much to you. But for us in the east, we relish spring. We just want to get outside and putter in the sunshine. As a homeowner, [...]

So, tax season is over and you think that’s the end of your tax credits and energy-saving rebates, right? Wrong. What many homeowners aren’t aware of, is that your 2010 returns will also let you make energy-efficient renovations and earn energy tax credits. But it all starts with getting a home energy audit. You’ve heard [...]

The temperatures today across the northeast are quite warm, a sign that winter is far behind us and summer is inching closer. It’s also a reminder that our energy costs for cooling are on average higher than they should be. The best way to solve this problem is with a home energy audit. An energy [...]

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